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Draft Board

As you will see to the right we are starting to establish the official draft board. It is a work in progress and one which I think will be very interesting.

Here are the basics. I started with just the top 4 simply because of time constraints. Now that it is set up we'll expand it to the entire lottery and then further depending on how people want to contribute. We'll have the "official" thread on a player and also on the drafting teams linked from there and we will update order, etc based on people making convincing arguments. For example Scott thinks that the Suns will draft Joakim Noah at #4 because of his unique fit on their team, and Chad Ford feels that the Bucks will take Julian Wright. If we get a concensus on that the Sonics will wind up with Brandon Wright and Al Horford available at #5 and we'll debate who we should choose and put them up on our board.

I'm hoping to start the debate, set our board, and also get people to provide draft bios so that when the season is over we have the draft board firmly in place. As soon as the draft is over we'll replace this with the free agent watch and move from there.

This is your thread to make an initial argument. Participation apreciated.