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Mentally Drained. Help Needed

As the roller coaster begins to take it's toll I am teriffied at the prospect of this fan rally. We need a good showing and we need help. The original intention was to not have a presence at this game due to the lack of TV coverage. When the news broke it had to come together really quickly.

If you can help by making signs or banners to bring to tonights game and rally please do so. If you want to volunteer to come as early as 5pm we will be setting up and can use all the help we get. Otherwise please come to the W. Entrance at 6:00pm to be part of the rally.

In general I am very happy with the dialogue coming from political leaders in the last 24 hours. The tone of conversation has certainly changed and suddenly it is sounding like political leaders have the chance to swoop in and be heros. That is what they really needed and it bodes well for chances even while we are under the gun. Clay's rhetoric is hard to handle and hearing it drains me, but I try to understand that there is a purpose behind it. Hopefully they are still doing it for negotiating purposes rather than really looking to leave. I don't know and waiver on my opinion.

Today could be the final hoorah for both Bob Hill and Rick Sund and if so I want to say thank you to both of them. While they get criticized pretty heavily and I do not always agree with their decisions they have both been tremendous to me and by default good to the fans of this site.

Rick in particular I owe an apology to. Each time I see him he immediately asks "What can I do to help save the Sonics?"(hold your punchlines please). About 10 days ago I had a chance to get articles posted on and that would provide coverage for SOS&S. Rick instantly offered to do the interview and made himself available for a good 40 minutes without waiting for the normal process. He was extremely candid both on and off the record and I appreciate his willingness to do it. It's embarassing that I have not had the time yet to draft the articles. I apologize to him for wasting his time but will use the comments as draft season approaches. He should be commended for wanting to help so bad and I can assure you all the Rick feels very personally accountable for the way this season has gone. He's a good guy.

I've always felt Bob likes me because I as "basketball questions". He enjoys talking about plays, technical matters, and on the court stuff. Great teacher who gets going with an explanation then suddenly says "I have to show you this" and runs to the whiteboard to diagram plays on the court. The beat writers don't care much about the actual game of basketball and get frustrated. I love it. The players who are supporting him make the same statemements off the record as on and in many ways he's going to get a bum deal. Again I disagree with his decisions sometimes and understand why he probably has to go. He also has a really great relationship with his kids that is fun to watch. I'll celebrate the new coach but understand that there were some mitigating factors in Bobs tenure here that will probably never surfact publicly.

Best wishes to both gentlemen. I hope you continue to drop by here and read once in a while.