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Game 82: What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Pelton's Place

If you can make it down to the Key for the Save Our Sonics rally, please do so and let your voice be heard to Frank Chopp, Nick Licata and the rest of the haters.

Hill will play every active player on the Sonics roster tonight. The game will not be televised locally.

And so ends the toughest season I have ever endured as a fan. It's not just the losing, or the injuries piling up, or the fact that early on it was apparent the team was fatally flawed. Dealing with the arena stuff day after day and having to be told time and time again that something I really care about has no value at all whatsoever from people who couldn't find their own ass with both hands, a flashlight, and a map just tends to wear on you after a while.

Yesterday I was walking around downtown at lunch thoroughly bummed about the arena news ... it's been a tough week for me personally with my girlfriend and most of my friends out of town on various business, family staying with me, and an impending medical procedure looming later this week. It was like the entire universe was conspiring to make sure I had a really crappy week. I shuffled along 3rd Avenue, eyes firmly on the pavement with no real destination in mind, just ambling around to enjoy some fresh air and get the hell out of work for an hour. Without thinking I took a tract some homeless guy was handing out at 3rd and Pike. "Jesus Loves You," it said. I'm not a religious person, at ALL ... but it was nice to get the message.

So in the interest of paying some good cheer forward thanks homeless guy and thanks Jesus for the card. It really did make me feel better yesterday. While I'm here I thought I'd ask you to give Frank Chopp an itchy good case of dracunculiasis, or at least an inflamed weeping boil on the end of his nose or something, but that doesn't seem right. It's not that I know you said the meek shall inherit the earth or that I should learn to love my neighbor, but I figure Chopp's already an annoying giant white zit on the butt of Washington and a case of Guinea worm might just make him more annoying.

I'll just settle for a good old fashioned piping hot cup of bad karma for him and Nick. Or if you're not feeling particularly vengeful how about some good Sonics news, like them getting the #1 pick in the draft, or announcing that somehow this nightmare will come to an end and they'll be staying in Seattle. I'll be here this weekend if you want to reach me. Amen.