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I've never heard of this before

So everybody thinks Rashard Lewis "wants" to leave and is "as good as gone".

Read the papers this morning. His agent met with the team on Tuesday to advise that Rashard wants to stay and Rashard himself says that he will go back with any offer giving the team to match? Does that sound like a guy who wants to leave. I don't believe I have ever heard a player make such a clear public statement the day free agency started.

On this miserable morning after a game I could barely stomach to watch lets take some consolation in our draft position and our teams best player.

The rally went well last night. Not great but very good considering time and other factors. Traffic was the biggest issue as both James Donaldson and Fred Brown got stuck in it. The volunteer turnout was amazing and I only wish that our organization level was better equiped to deal with it. Just about everyone who came was 15 minutes late and that had an affect on the whole thing. Big thanks to those who showed and a big thanks to KJR for pushing it so hard.

On the SOS&S front I think that it is very appropriate that everybody sit out a week or two and catch their breath. Some of the volunteers may have noticed a palpable sense of burnout last night if they looked closely. This has been a grind all the way through and personally I have found that having to "turn it on" to present a positive spin to cameras and fans leaves me less energized and excited personally. I'm complaining too much and that is not my personality. We need some new blood, some new ideas, and a chance to regroup.

I do know that we will be sending out a request to have a formal meeting with both Mr. Bennett and Lenny Wilkens. We have met with his representatives several times formally, and with him on an informal basis fairly often. We have not however said to him "We need you to tell us why we should support you." It is part of the dual role as advocates and watchdogs that we think is necessary for the process.

Other meetings should include local leaders like Mayor Kathy Koelker of Renton. We are interested in putting together a "leadership summit" with industry leaders ranging from Mayor Kathy, Margarita Prentice, Ross Hunter, Ron Simms, Greg Nichols, to business leaders from related industries. Slade Gorton who facilitated the Mariners deal and other local problem solvers in addition to concert promoters and media leaders with the focus on finding a local solution for this local problem. So far reception to this particular idea has been really positive. Since SOS&S is not demanding any money or concessions we could call the meeting with the intent to propose solutions, not fighting for anything in particular. We'd even like to include some of the primary opponents like Chopp, Licata, etc. into the process. It is time that everybody sat down in the same room.

We'll let you know when we come out of our shell and have a little more energy. Thanks again to those who have been supportive. We encourage you to continue participating.