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Here's the Kind of Day It Is

My friend just told me that Ashlee Simpson is going to be working with Robert Smith. Like the world didn't already have enough emo kids. Sheesh.

So busy week eh. 5 games this week, which happened only once before this season near the beginning somewhere. Can you believe there's only 9 games left this year?

Percy says the Supes are likely to get blown out big tonight, and I believe him. The last 9 are fraught with playoff seed level teams and there's a definite chance the Sonics could go 0-9 down the stretch. Call it "the rush to Acie Earl." :D

April Fools?

Regardless of the immediate futures of those men, it appears that Wilkens will have the final say on personnel matters – both now and over the summer.

Wilkens did not want to speak at length before Friday’s game against Memphis about the Sonics’ offseason plans, but he did say he didn’t think the timing of the draft would force the organization to make decisions.

Wilkens said he has been watching voluminous recordings of college basketball to scout potential draftees. He said he orders more videotape if somebody piques his interest. And he clearly knows he has the confidence of Bennett.

And remember, as the team’s color analyst, he has had a unique view of the pro talent available and an opportunity to formulate opinions over the course of the season.

Hey Bennett and anyone in the org reading this, you want me to be a fan or not ... because reading crap like this isn't helping your case wth me. This year already got screwed from the get go because of the sale. Don't cornhole me for next year by putting the television color man in charge of personnel.


For those wanting more commentary on the Spurs front office guys mentioned in that article may I refer you to the superbly done SpursTalk site.

The late lauded Men At Work once wrote an album called Business As Usual, which is inspiring in that the songs that weren't big hits are uniformly excellent. Down By the Sea, Touching the Untouchables ... all great stuff.

This is not the story of that album.

Latest arena news from the fishwrap. Or you can get the essential boil-down from Mike Seely, who deserves the bandwidth more.