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Daily Roundup 4.06.07

It's the last Friday night home game of the season tonight and I can think of no better foe than the reviled Lakers, who always seem to enjoy a great deal of fan support here ...

Who gets the defensive assignment on Kobe tonight ... Wilkins? Lewis? Gelabale? Who would you choose to guard him?

Clay Bennett on the Locker Room Show

The time draws nigh ...

After the brunch, Bennett met with vice chairman Lenny Wilkens about the plan to implement the changes soon after the season ends, though Bennett did not discuss specifics.

“We are just taking the time to talk about process and timing and strategy relative to an evaluation of the season,” Bennett said. “Talking about how to make things better next year. There are lots of ideas.

“Of course, where we end up in the draft is important and a big part of this. We have some good ideas, a good process in place. We are going to continue to meet and talk about this on a daily basis. We are hopeful to make some decisions very soon after the regular season. Some of that is out of our hands, but we are working towards that time line.”

Rashard reflects on 10,000 and Luke still searching for his confidence

Ron Sims supports construction of arena

Some truly hilarious, typically uninformed rants in the comments section which could be culled directly from the soundoff section of the Fishwrap or its editorial page.

Percy name drops us? hehehehe I wish.

While some may argue that it would be prudent for the Sonics to elevate rookie forward Mickael Gelabale into the starting lineup and play rookie center Mouhamed Sene as many minutes as he can handle so the front office can evaluate how they would handle those situations, Hill believes his course of action better serves the team.

Gelabale has played at least 20 minutes in seven of the past eight games, but he hasn't reached double-digit scoring since Feb. 7, and a few weeks ago, Hill admitted Sene hasn't developed since the start of the season.

Lewis supports his coach's decision to stick with regulars in the final seven games.

"Weezy [Chris Wilcox] needs these minutes with me on the floor," he said. "So does Damien [Wilkins]. We need to get Luke going before we end this thing. You can't do all of that if you're messing around with the lineup."

There isn't a single part of that last sentence I agree with.

Welcome to my nightmare Holly. Now you are starting to get a small taste of the small minded, petty provincialism (or heck I guess you could just call it plain ol' ignorance) of Washington citizens and their elected officials. Backwater mentality = backwater town.