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Unrepentant Jazz Haters Unite!

Hey guys sorry about the lack of a game thread last night. I just plain forgot. So I figured I'd hook it up early this time. I'd like you all to welcome a very special guest today:

Hi Fans! Craig Ehlo here. Do y'all hate the Jazz as much as I do? Did you struggle to hold back puking every time you saw John Stockton's ol' pansy face? Did you wince in pain as your favorite player got the ol' elbow in the face from Karl Malone? Gosh-a-mighty, I know I did.

Well, the good news is, they don't play for the Jazz anymore. But ol' Jerry Sloan has a pretty decent squad this season who are set to win the Pacific Division.

What's that, Pelton?

Oh yeah, sorry, heh. The NORTHWEST Division. Shucks!

Anyhow, I thought that today for th' pregame we could talk about how and why the Jazz are so hate-able. And don't be afraid to say "because they're the Jazz, that's why." No response is too crazy, because the Jazz are one of those teams that everyone who doesn't live in Utah hates, and that's okay. Back to you in the studio, Angie.

Angie: I HATE THE @#$*%*ING JAZZ!

Bob Weiss: I don't hate them. Jerry Sloan is the Dean Smith of the NBA. He -- aw, @#&* it. I hate the Jazz too. What about you, Cameron?

Cam: @#&* the @#(&*@#)ing Jazz and the horse they rode in on. Back to you Craig.

Well shucks folks, looks like it's unanimous!