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Daily Roundup 04.09.07

"This is what you want, this is what you get."


Luke's out for the season, and a well-meaning story about Lewis is sure to engender some commmentary.

"You've got to help yourself, as well as tell your agent to put you out there a little bit more," Lewis said. "Obviously, I want to be out there a little bit more, but it doesn't depend on [playing in] L.A. or New York. It may help, but at the same time you've got to have a winning organization."

I totally understand where Rashard is coming from here, but damn if that doesn't come off as self-serving. And before y'all get your panties in a bunch about rooting for the team to lose, it's about the big picture people. Nobody is going to remember what happened in the last 10 games of this season, just like I don't remember anything about the last 10 games of last season other than the one where Robert Swift was finally allowed a mercy start. I fully expect the team to do the same with Sene in the final game this season ... let's cut all the pretense out of this. More wins is not setting a tone for next season, nor is it doing this team any favors in its quest to improve. It's potentially going to do wonders for Rashard Lewis, but that's about all.

From Locke:

Another refreshing moment was after the game, talking to Nick Collison. I went down the road of does this give you something to build on in the off-season? He rejected it, saying this is nice and it is good we respect the game, but this season is not what we wanted and it is not acceptable. I loved hearing that.

Ray Allen undergoes surgery on both ankles.

The All-Star will be in a walking boot for three to four weeks and then begin rehabilitation, the Sonics said in a news release. The typical recovery period is two to three months, the team said.

The arthroscopic surgery was performed by Dr. Richard Ferkel in Los Angeles.

Unable to tolerate the pain anymore and concerned about doing further damage, Allen decided late last month to have surgery on his left ankle. Allen had been bothered by the ankle since early February, but didn't reveal the injury until March 1.

Didn't reveal it to the press or to the team?

Thanks to sharp-eyed reader DK for noticing the following blurb in yesterday's Denver Post:

Former SuperSonics coach Lenny Wilkens could be interested in coaching the Sonics again but could end up president of the team. He already is involved in the direction of the franchise, and Sonics coach Bob Hill is not expected to return next season. ... The Portland Trail Blazers might have interest in Memphis president of basketball operations Jerry West for its president opening.

Let's take a quick straw poll fellas. If Jerry West was actually available and interested in the job which guy would you rather have as the next president of the team, him or Lenny?

Good point raised in Frank's take on the Utah game and one that a friend pointed out to me while it was in progress ... Sloan refused to double Lewis (as to why you'll have to ask him) and that's a big reason why he went off for 35. Had Utah doubled Rashard and forced Earl Watson or Damien Wilkins to hit shots would the Jazz have won that game ... the point being Utah didn't force the issue on defense, where the Lakers seemingly did.

Tonight's matchup vs. the playoff-bound Houston Rockets should have Lewis as fired up as he probably can be ... as usual I'll be watching for Gelabale and Sene sightings.