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The Kevin Durant Show: Up for Sale

Want a great deal? How about discounted tickets?

It sounds like sales for the team were great last night with the ticket sales staff staying late for pizza and working through the evening.

As many of you may know had a great relationship with Sonics Ticket Rep Jason Rubenstein last season. Jason hooked up many of our readers with special deals, upgrades, and occasionally even a few free seats. Best yet he became a friend who is, by the way doing very well now that he's moved on from the Sonics organization.

Jason referred us to a new rep who will be taking care of us this season. Mike Ernst called me first thing last night to offer a special deal to readers that has not been made available to the general public as of yet. 25 game packages at reduced prices that are at significantly reduced prices. If you have interest in this, or any other promotion packages give Mike a call and help continue the solid relationship between the fans and the franchise that we've built the last couple of years.

Mike Ernst | Account Executive | Seattle Sonics Basketball
(206) 272-2540