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Swift Getting Closer

Seattle SuperSonics center Robert Swift returned from a California doctors appointment last week with good news regarding his injured ACL.

According to sources close to Swift the young center, entering his fourth season is progressing well and expects to be cleared for full speed, full contact 1 on 1 basketball drills as early as two weeks from last Friday. Should Swift not encounter any further problems he expects to be cleared for full 5 on 5 play as early as 4 weeks from that date giving him a potential return to full scrimmages as soon as early July.

While it is unlikely he would participate in Summer League play Swift is considering traveling with the team to Las Vegas so that he can work with coaches and the younger players, potentially hastening his return to the rotation next season. The move could be considered questionable given his current eligibility to negotiate a long term contract extension this summer. With this extension on the lines the risk of further injury likely outweighs the benefits of practice but a desire to get back out on the court, and potentially build a relationship with the teams new coaching staff may swing the decision for him.