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Daily Roundup 5.30.07

After basking near the pool for a brief hiatus from the regular season...for today at least I'm baaaack!

Long ago in a galaxy far far away, David Bowie once recorded a terrible quasi-novelty tune called "The Laughing Gnome" which is a collection of terribly kitschy puns and bad jokes held together by a fairly dopey chorus "Ha Ha Ha, Hee Hee Hee"

It's with that in mind that I include these next two or so stories for your perusal.

As predictable as the inevitable Ken Griffey Jr. to the Mariners rumors, it's time for ... LET'S TRADE A SUPERSTAR TO NYC FOR A BUCKET OF CRAP!

Perhaps Thomas was sharing with Wilkens the Knicks' interest in acquiring Rashard Lewis. According to NBA insiders, the Knicks could make the Sonics a sign-and-trade offer for Lewis that could include Seattle natives Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford.

Crawford is owed $35 million over the next four seasons, and the Knicks could add Robinson's contract or that of Channing Frye to come within 75 percent of a new Lewis deal, per rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

Memo to Isiah Thomas: Nobody wants your crappy players signed to outrageous contracts. The only reason this story is being floated out there is because of Crawford and Robinson's history with the area and maybe fire up the homer idiots that regularly listen to certain shows on KJR. Neither player is worth acquiring, as with nearly all trade rumors involving a NY sports team this benefits NY exclusively. Predictably, there a few posters on the P-U that think this is a good idea. By the way, the P-U's on probation as far as linking stories. Gary Washburn is a good guy who's expressed some frustration at being left out, so in the interest of everyone getting along I'm gingerly starting up the link train to the P-U again with the caveat that in the interest of quality control here at the Roundup I may decide to drop them again. You know where to find them anyways.

Lenny wants a GM in place by the draft. Clock's ticking!

Sonics president Lenny Wilkens said Tuesday he plans to have a general manager in place before the June 28 NBA draft and made it clear that he is able to speak with any candidate even if their team is in the playoffs.

That last bit of information debunked previous reports out of San Antonio that Sam Presti — the Spurs assistant general manager who is believed to be the leading candidate for the GM job in Seattle — is unable to interview while his team is still playing.

"That has no bearing on anything," Wilkens said outside the Milk House Gym, where the NBA is conducting its four-day predraft camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex.

Detroit's Tony Ronzone and John Hammond and Phoenix's David Griffin are also possibilities, but Wilkens was careful not to mention names.

Wilkens said he has identified a few candidates and admittedly he's already conducted formal interviews.

"We're in the process of doing it and I'm hoping it will be [done] soon," he said. "It's not a real long list. I still have a couple of people I have to talk to. I'm hoping that we have this process done before the draft."

Presti probably the lead candidate at this point. Also from the same article Dave Pendergraft and Steve Rosenberry will return for next season; both have one year remaining on their contracts. It is highly likely that none of the assistants from last season will return.

Bonanza from the Trib:

Lenny sez we'll probably trade up or out after the #2 pick

As the league’s top decision-makers descended on Lake Buena Vista to evaluate some of the prospects who will be drafted June 28, Wilkens acknowledged there is a decent chance the team will trade its No. 31 and/or No. 35 picks for a better pick or a veteran player who can help immediately.

“Certainly I think that when you are around 31 or 35, it lets you move the picks and could be something good,” Wilkens said. “You have to talk. Also, the thing I would look at very closely is what does moving into the first round get you? You talk to people, other GMs, other people on the basketball side of it. What do you have to give me? You just have to see. You can’t say that it will or won’t be something good.

“But, certainly, I want to see the possibility of who is there.”

Wilkens also said he is open to trading the second pick in the draft, widely expected to be used to take Kevin Durant of Texas. However, it would have to be a very good offer.

“I can see a couple of scenarios. Dwyane Wade and somebody,” Wilkens said. “That is being a little bit crazy, but you always listen. You never know what someone will do.”

Yeah ... that's about as likely as Nick Licata calling up Danny Fortson to come over to his place to split a bottle of Chardonnay and some mushroom brie while they talk about their feelings. I'll remember you said that Lenny if you trade the #2 pick to Atlanta to draft Yin might want to move out of town if you draft anyone not named Oden or Durant.

and while we're talking about bad draft decisions:

Puh-leeze, don't waste my time with this crap

Nobody is trading a high pick for a player that can't get along with anyone and no one else can get along with. Props to poster pdway for nailing exactly what such a trade would entail: the return of the late period GP Sonic teams, with one superstar controlling the ball and the shots to the extent that young players don't develop, but wins enough games by himself to keep the team around .500 but never bad enough to really get a decent draft pick and get better. Been there, done that, no thanks.

Update: Kobe demands a trade on ESPN radio

Dave Boling considers life after Rashard

Lenny doing some due diligence, I don't believe Sheppard's a serious candidate though.

And the latest update from the pre-draft camp in Orlando.

Edit: Here's Bennett's latest story in the Oklahoman. I would expect the rhetoric to heat up even more. Nothing ever gets done in these kind of situations until the 11th hour. I expected Clay to apply for relocation, so this isn't a surprise to me. All it does it give extra urgency to coming to some kind of solution this season if one is at all possible.