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Please talk basketball for a while.

I'm ready to get over the heartache over Clays comments. Lets talk hoops for a bit.

This is the official thread to talk about Orlando Draft Camp Gossip.

Did you know that Roosevelt High's own Marcus Williams is a mysterious no-show at the camp? Does that make him likely to be available at the #31 pick? I'd say it does and he is a heck of a talent for the second round.

Jim O'Brien to Indiana essentially makes Seattle the most attractive coaching destination in play with Rick Carlisle and Stan VanGundy still out there. Who will we get?

Lastly a report out of Washington DC that the team has interviewed Wizards Vice President of Basketball Operations Tommy Sheppard. I do not know much about Sheppard but if he was involved in signing Gilbert Arenas that cannot be a bad thing. How about trading Kwame Brown for Caron Butler. What are your thoughts on someone from the Wiz joining up?