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Or, if you prefer, organizational direction.

Got Pelton?

"I want to see our organization defined by selflessness, by professionalism, by integrity and by resiliency," Presti told SUPERSONICS.COM. "Those will be core components to what we're looking to establish on the floor and also in our offices every day."

"We want resilient players," he later added during his introductory press conference. "We want competitors, we want professionals. We want players that want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and guys who, at the end of the day, want to get better. That will be our focus."

That may be the most succinct statement of purpose out of the Sonics organization in about 12 years.

And Locke breaks the NBA Coaching Tree down to its leaves for you. Nicely done David. Van Gundy gets a lot of love in this piece.

And in other news: Wow, just think how cool this could have been with a basketball arena...If you really want a good laugh, read the accompanying soundoff comments.

"Don't change Seattle Center! Don't take away Fun Forest! Fix the monorail and keep everything as-is just fix things. If the California outsiders don't like what makes Seattle special then they can go home and fix their own cities! Don't Californicate Seattle Center! No more "mixed-use developments" and other horrid things they are doing to our beloved city! By all means fix the roads going there."