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This Is My Boomstick

Some days it just ain't worth it to get out of bed.

Detlef blasts lack of direction

"Someone has to take charge and show leadership," he said. "I was hoping the Sonics would form some group to go out and actively pursue business leaders, knock on doors, beat drums, be in the papers and on TV showing the positives of it. But I didn't see any of that. Again, there is no direction. That's the frustrating part."

Schrempf thinks people need to look beyond the "rich guy" NBA owners and players and realize having a first-class arena and pro basketball team are benefits to the community that won't easily be replaced.

He says he loved playing at KeyArena, but that it's outdated and the region needs something bigger and better to serve as more than just a sports venue. Yet he fears if the Sonics depart, there'll be no impetus to build a new facility and then the city will be without both an arena and pro basketball for many years.

"People are so focused on the Sonics and the money," he said. "But you have to look beyond that and think what a new facility could mean for Seattle."

Carlise's a hit and a frontrunner! I heard the exact same thing said about Bob Saget once ...

ESPN commentator Greg Anthony, a former Sonic, believes it could be a good fit.

"Personally I don't have a concern because the guy can flat-out get the job done. He can coach and the record speaks for itself," he said. "It's not often that you get an opportunity to get a guy that's had this much success this late (in a coaching search)."

Anthony maintained that Carlisle inherited defensive-minded, half-court personnel in each of his previous two stops. His Pistons teams included then-two-time defensive player of the year Ben Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Corliss Williamson and veteran Clifford Robinson.

The Indiana team that reached the Eastern Conference finals in 2004 featured O'Neal, Ron Artest and Jeff Foster.

"That personnel wasn't conductive to running and playing open court," Anthony said. "In essence, you have to coach what you have and that's the real issue. Rick can be controlling offensively but you want to follow the model of Dallas (Mavericks). If he can bring a defensive mindset that those teams have had, coupled with a little bit more offensively, then you have a chance to have something special. It's unfair to label him as that style of coach because that is the personnel he had."

Art Thiel's arena story

Wait, he's not a hit and he's not a frontrunner

I just saw Greg Nickels downstairs and he was talking to some other suit about this.

The committee hopes renovations will change the makeup of visitors to Seattle Center, transforming it from an event destination to an everyday public space.

"We want to make this place even more pedestrian-friendly, even more walkable," said Robert Nellams, director of Seattle Center.

Nellams says local development has already increased the number of people who use the Center day to day to walk their dogs and take their morning runs, and he hopes the proposed changes will raise those numbers even higher.

"It's a regional facility that wants to be your neighborhood park," Nellams said.

That neighborhood park might be dotted with retail space.

Nellams said the Century 21 Committee determined that people wanted more amenities but emphasized that the Center was committed to remaining first and foremost a public space.

"We want to keep it as public as possible, but that balance between commercial, private and public is delicate," Nellams said.

Ugh, please not another @#$^&*ing dog park. You have to be @#^&ing kidding.

I'm going to post this link as well in case anyone else hasn't read it yet -- Seattle Center is on life support folks.

Last and least, Steve Kelley, Certified Overrated Columnist gives the no-sh*t sherlock laundry list of year to Sam Presti. My only caveat would be to tell Sam that he'd be taking advice from a chump who can not only barely string two coherent sentences together but also hasn't attended an entire Sonics game since Britney was a Mouseketeer.

Don't listen to Steve, Sam. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.