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Happy Fathers Day Rich Cho

I know damn well you're at the office...

I really don't think most fans appreciate how hard the average member of an NBA franchise really works. 60 hour weeks, no such thing as a weekend, the games are all mandatory 3 hour "bonus sessions" that occur after full 10 hour work day occurs. It's brutal so I'm giving a shout out to one of the fathers that I know would prefer to spend more time with his little girl.

Not a lot of Seattle Gossip this morning. Reports are starting to surface that PJ Carlisimo is the favorite for our coaching spot but nothing I can see indicates that they are more than speculation based on the Presti/Spurs connection.

SOS&S is working hard on a new game plan that will involve more people and a more defined mission over the next several months. We are looking for volunteers to help with material distribution in the week leading up to the draft and will be hosting a new leadership meeting on July 14th to try to bring some new blood and energy on board. There are some really interesting things afoot that are not yet ready for public disclosure, but exciting to be a part of. Please think about whether you can be a part of this and let us know at Also a big thanks to all those who've donated money lately. We have had a tough time getting thank you cards sent but it is making a difference. Every little bit helps. Stay tuned to see where the money goes.

Draft workouts continue with the Sups pulling in a large number of candidates that, IMO are not likely candidates for the #31 or #35 pick. I would guess that there is some real consideration to trade down with one of those two picks and pick up a future asset. We all know that there is not room for 3 rookies on next years roster. They have to either trade a pick, draft somebody they can stash in Europe, or take a flyer on someone they think could have home run potential.

People within the organization are not talking specifically about why Acie Law does not appear on their workout lists, but there is a common reference among front office staff, an agent I spoke with, and media members to the "compacted schedule". As many people know the league banned private workouts prior to the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp this offseason. This move was intended to force more people to participate in the camp but the real result is that prospects are being much more selective in their workouts. It is implied that Law would not have time to workout for a team like Seattle unless they had a concrete method in place of acquiring him. That doesn't mean that they haven't scouted him, just that they may have had to travel to him to do so.

Do the low Finals ratings help Seattle? I certainly hope so. I can't imagine that the league would not start to grow even more concerned with franchise migration to smaller markets when they see their ratings plummet by 30%. There does come a point when a market like Oklahoma City may be able to support a franchise through tax packages and ticket sales, but the overall demographics of it do not support the league in terms of national TV ratings or sponsorship contracts. Additionally I think that the complete and total apathy that fans have towards Tim Duncan could initiate some rule changes over the next several years to try to elevate the impact of more exciting players like Kevin Garnett and Dirk. Think Kevin Durant may fall in that category? While the rules are already pretty biased in that direction I thikn there is an argument that the league needs to get one or two of these types of players into a championship situation. The reality is that just real enforcement of the existing rules would go a long way towards making a more exciting game.

Happy Fathers day to all. I'm off to spend mine with my dad and my kids.

Workout List Saturday, June 16,
Russell Carter Notre Dame Guard 6-4 221
Alando Tucker Wisconsin Forward 6-5 200
D.J. Strawberry Maryland Guard 6-5 199
Blake Schilb Loyola-Chicago Forward 6-7 214