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Did Rashard miss the deadline on his contract? Peter Vescey thinks so.

Calls to the team have not been returned.

I'm going to call doubtful on this one but for the first time in a long time I really hope that Vescey is right. Having Lewis under contract allows us to be much more creative with trades, especially on draft day. It adds some reality to the Boston rumors and would lead me to make a number of phone calls.

Also rumblings out of Portland suddenly seem to indicate that Portland may in fact consider Durant at #1. I don't put a whole heck of a lot of faith in them but Jason Quick is very closely connected to that Blazers front office. If he's leaking injury speculation then it came from up front. They are either just muddying the waters or they are seriously thinking of taking Durant and want to plant the seed now so that their fan base has some time to accept it. Remember Orlando took Dwight Howard over Emeka Okafor a couple of years ago. It is not completely unheard of for a concensus number 1 to suddenly drop out of that spot. Just imagine for a second how damn good our team is if we have Shard Lewis still under contract and Greg Oden at the 5. It balances out our rotation perfectly.

Lets give some kudos to Scott who called PJ Carlissimo out as a coaching candidate months ago, well before the name was mentioned anywhere else. He had a real sense for this one.