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Feeling Down

Don't read too much into this. Just venting a bit. It will pass...

Today is one of those days where the weight of the whole Save Our Sonics thing feels extremely oppressive.

It is really hard to gain traction, and there are always important decisions to be made. Sometimes it feels like what I have done is completely irrelevant and others it feels like any poor decision or screwup could be the straw that broke the camels back, costing the city the team. Obviously draft day is a day where there will be significant local and national attention on the team and with work we could feed off of that and put it to some use. The question is, should I?

For starters the team really likes to keep these events about the positives, ignoring the arena debate like they do all the time. I won't make any friends by hijacking any of the coverage, despite my intentions. They simply won't like it.

Secondly this is my absolute favorite, favorite time of year. I simply love the draft. I love the guesswork and strategy. I love figuring the trades. I love the rumor mills that are complete and total speculation. It is probably my favorite sports day of the year, bar none. Last year I entered draft day on pretty much a high. Sonicscentral had done really well and it was my first time being a member of the media on draft day. I got to alternate between attending the party and jumping in to talk with Rick Sund and media members. It was like a dream, hitting the fantasy strolling into the Furtado center like I belonged there and getting the rundown on big Mo firsthand.

It feels like ages ago. Now the relationship with the team is strained by my recent commentary and there is simply a whole lot less innocence. I know the industry and it just is not that much fun to be associated with. In other words the dream soured quickly.

Coming onto draft day I have to make a decision, do we print the signs? Do we make press releases and set up for media interviews? Do we coordinate with NY or with local sports bars to ensure our name is attached?

Do I just go to the event like a normal fan and scream my brains out when the pick is made?

Tonight thats what I want to do. Have 6 beers, wear a jersey, and enjoy the moment. If I can't do that then what the hell am I fighting for?