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Lewis or Wilcox for Battier?

Let me just say for the record, loudly, clearly that if we were to recieve Shane Battier in exchange for Chris Wilcox it would be one of the best trades imaginable. If it were to occur on draft day it would be an unbelievable turn of events.

Frank Hughes of the Tacoma News Tribune reports this morning that the Rockets have soured on Battier and intend to offer him in a S&T deal for Rashard Lewis. The same report states that they may consider offering him for Wilcox. I, along with a few other posters on this board love Battier enough to give this rumor its own thread today.
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Battier is in the mold of Nick Collison. A player that plays defense, spreads the floor, and contributes to the game in inumerable ways that do not appear in the boxscore. He is the anti-Vin Baker. He is Nick Collisonesque, and he is a great fit for a team searching for defenese. Paired with Kevin Durant and Ray Allen he would likely be able to provide complimentary defense to an unstoppable offensive tandem. Were he traded for Lewis the Sonics would likely have to find some way to expand the deal, including another team and relocating SG Ray Allen. In that case Durant, Lewis, and Battier, would all play virtually interchangably at the SG, SF, and PF positions with Battier guarding the opponents best player at any of those three slots.

Despite the appearance that they are set at the SF position this team should pursue Battier if he is avaiable. Consider if Durant is taken #1 and the Sonics are left with Greg Oden as a consolation prize. For short spurts lineup featuring Oden, Collison, Battier, and either Allen or Lewis would be among the teams best defensive units and completely shut down the opposition. A swap of Battier for Wilcox would add 5 wins to this teams record next season.

Any other rumors percolating tonight?