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Frank Hughes gets the scoop again.

According to the News Tribune the Seattle SuperSonics last night fired scout Steve Rosenberry and director of player personel Dave Pendergraft. Replacing Pendergraft is Detroit Piston DOPP Scott Perry.

I'm going to second Hughes testimony that Rosy and Pendergraft are nice guys. They are pretty universally respected and the reality is that when taken individually I don't disagree terribly with a lot of their moves. Many did not work out, but they appear to have been reasonable to good attempts.

Now that I have the "nice guys" disclaimer out of the way I'll say that I am thrilled at this move. The Sups emphasis on changing the corporate culture is extremely needed and part of changing the corporate culture is removing guys who were entrenched in the old system. Rosey and Pendergraft were part of that system.

Also really, really noteworthy is the Sups ability to again bring in an executive with a good resume from a great franchise. How exactly do they convince an executive from the Pistons to come to Seattle? Pretty easy, they have to paint a picture that Detroit is on the way down and Seattle on the way up. The fact that they are able to convince people that Seattle is on the way up bodes well for the franchise.

The Sups need new blood and plucking it from Detroit and San Antonio is a great way to start. I hope that this trend continues towards and moves towards the non-basketball segments of the business as well.