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Locked on Resumes!

David Locke was fired yesterday.

I don't care what you think of his voice or the product he put out at KTTH. This was a bad move. David is a great guy who cares passionately about building the relationship with the fans. He was the only guy in that organization who really fought hard to get you and I more information. He gave up a great gig knowing that the franchise was approaching turmoil and I can only assume that they let him go on the assumption that he leaked things to the press. As is typical for the organization they showed no class, simply removing his content from the web site a week before the draft. I sincerely hope that David lands on his feet and wish him and his family the very best.

On a positive note it looks like Marques Johnson is negotiating to get the TV gig back and that would be a HUGE, HUGE addition. He and KC were a great tandem.