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Workouts and Rumors

Saturday, June 23
Jared Jordan Marist Guard 6-2 192
Ramon Sessions Nevada Guard 6-4 185
Loren Stokes Hofstra Guard 6-3 175
Derek Raivio Gonzaga Guard 6-3 177

Sunday, June 24
Morris Almond Rice Guard 6-6 215
Carl Elliott George Washington Guard 6-4 220
Wen Mukubu UAB Forward 6-6 205

Anyone else notice our teams name in two seperate rumors this morning. First of all one states that we were offered the #1 overall pick last year for Ray. HUH?

At first glance I can't help but wonder how, if on the very small likelyhood this is true the Sonics passed it up. Then I remember last year's draft. For us that #1 is most likely Brandon Roy. Good player, but given our arena situation I would have shot someone who traded Ray for Roy. Hindsight is 20/20 but we need wins more than a rookie.

Secondly is a rumor that Luke Ridnour is still the bailout option at PG for the Hawks. Interesting rumor. If the Hawks either pass on a PG, or have their prospects gone at #11 and go another direction then I think you start to see some legs to this rumor. Josh Childress anyone??? It does make some sense for the Hawks to bring in a vet at the PG spot. Their pick is unconditional to Phoenix next year. They need wins NOW.

Who's ready to predict Durant to the Blazers? C'mon, be brave. I'm almost there but not quite.