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Slow News Day

Gee, you'd never think the draft is, you know, coming up.

Only two things worth reading so far this morning, as no pending coach announcement (I don't expect that to happen until after the draft), the draft on Thursday, and the two dailies focused on the annual unbelievably boring question of Will Griffey Come Back To Seattle?

My own personal favorite line from worthless hack Steve "I Can't Write a Paragraph Longer Than A Sentence" Kelley ...

Even Ichiro said this weekend he gladly would move back to right if Griffey were to return to Seattle and wanted to play center field.

Because if Kelley had actually watched a Reds game anytime in the last oh, six years he might realize that there's a very good reason Griffey doesn't play center field anymore...he can't.

Anyways, moving on ....

Jerry Brewer sees the Greatest


G-Dub gives you the lowdown on Durant's workout.

Everything else in the dailies today is the usual messaround. Read draftexpress' article rating this year's center crop instead.

Purely OT but I've got to get it off my chest - jeers to the overzealous Seattle cop at Artopia in Georgetown this weekend. Officer, I saw you repeatedly hassling people for "looking at you funny..." Chill out. Georgetown ain't exactly South Central or Bronzeville.