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It's Pre-Pre-Draft Day! Close the Office

Thank god I haven't slacked off at all to focus on basketball whatsoever this year. I've saved my basketball attention for the next 72 hours knowing that there is zero chance that I get anything productive done during that time.

For Starters let me put out there that I'll be hanging out at SPORT in advance of the draft party on Thursday. I'm planning on getting there about 2:30 so if you want to hang out, tip back a couple, and talk hoops come early and meet me there. SPORT has the best burger I've ever eaten in Seattle and sources deep within the Sonics organization advocate for the Rueben. It'll be a good time.

SOS&S will have signs avaialable at the entrances to Fisher Pavilion. If you want to help pass them out then meet me at SPORT and take a few minutes to be a big help. Additionally if you have an SOS T-Shirt then wear it. Show some solidarity.

The Sups have not done a great job in marketing this event to the public. WAY too many people consider it to be SOLD OUT. It's not. The courtyard outside the pavilion is where all the action is going to be and you don't need a ticket to be there. PLEASE show up at this event and pack the house. Let's make a statement.

Rid to ATL for #11 is the hot rumor and there is blockbuster talk all around. I'm trying to put together my own mock and it is tough. What the heck do the Grizzlies do at #4??? I can't justify taking Conley that high but also can't find another player for them. The reality is that they, along with Boston, Chicago, and Charlotte are really likely to make some trades, falling back in the draft or taking on veterans.

I've become more and more enamored with Kevin Durant as the process goes on. At this point my guess is that Portland is only 60/40 likely to select Oden and in some ways I feel disappointed if they do. We're in a great position. We either get the best player or the best fit for our team. Either way the guy who slides to us gets a chip on his shoulder for being passed up.

I want someone to monitor the Boston message boards. I cannot wait until Commissioner Stern announces "The Boston Celtics have traded the #5 pick in the draft" and all of Celticland explodes with anticipation. Is it Kevin Garnett? Jermaine O'Neil? "No, they've gotten Marion?", "I heard it was a deal for Kobe!"

"The Celtics trade the rights to the #5 pick for Robert Swift..."

This would suck for Rob so I'm not hoping for it. But I'd still laugh at the Celtic fans a little bit.