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Send Stern a Letter

I don't want to focus much energy on the arena during this exciting time. However do not forget that Clay Bennett has been in Seattle for an entire week. It is very concievable that he has taken the time to meet with the city regarding a buyout.

Yesterday, on behalf of SOS&S I requested public disclosure of any communication between the mayors office, the Seattle Center Director, or the City Attorneys office and Clayton Bennett, PBC, or their representatives. We will be filing this same disclosure request every week or two from here on out to monitor the situation.

Take a moment to contact the Mayor. Also write a letter to David Stern letting him know how excited we are about this draft and that he needs to insist on proper due diligence by this ownership group. Sterns office has generally replied to polite letters.

Attention Commissioner Stern
Olympic Tower
645 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10022