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Roundup 6.27.07

Too much good stuff not to roll out for you.

Start with Silky Smoo' Kevin Pelton's jaw droppingly awesome insight into the mind of Bob Whitsett.

As I predicted a couple days ago, Seattle won't name their coach until after the draft.

Art Thiel opines about Presti's dilemma

The leak has leaked? Lekked? Lucked? Ok, sprung ...

The Muckleshoot Tribe is expected to come out with a proposal Wednesday or at least a letter indicating its interest in pursuing the building of a Sonics basketball arena on property adjacent to Emerald Downs racetrack in Auburn.

More on the Ridnour to Atlanta for the #11 rumor that's been circulating the past few days.

Frank's take on same

The Hawks, an athletic team which plays an up-and-down tempo, covets a guard with good passing skills. It appears Seattle has soured on Ridnour, a homegrown product groomed to replace Gary Payton who was in and out of the lineup last season.

Atlanta reportedly sought Ridnour’s services over the All-Star break. Ridnour’s agent, Lon Babby, is close with one of the Hawks’ owners and might have tried to facilitate a trade.

If a deal were to happen, the Sonics could use the No. 11 pick to draft a point guard.

Presti said whomever the Sonics draft Thursday will fit Seattle’s style of the future – a defensive-oriented team that can deal with adversity.

Brian and I discussed theis briefly yesterday but I fully expect at least one and probably two fairly big deals to go down tomorrow on draft day. There's little doubt in my mind Presti will make significant changes to put his stamp on the team. It's what he was paid to do after all.

No report on Locke's replacement yet, and I haven't heard anything about further negotiations with Marques Johnson just to update you.

And please check out Pete's hilarious piece comparing the NBA and NFL drafts.

Enjoy the day, see some of you tomorrow!