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The Official Rumors Thread

So I'll update this as things change:

Ridnour to ATL for the #11 - The deal that was, then wasn't, now is again. ESNP now reporting that Amare to Atlanta will not happen. Frank Hughes was on KJR at 7:30 and advises that the deal is basically going to happen unless the Hawks get in on a Garnett deal. He confirms that Stuckey seems to be the guy the Sonics are targeting.

Jonathon Giovani of Draftexpress reports that the Ridnour/Atlanta deal was considered DONE by multiple sources but the Amare deal got in the way.

As of 10:30pm the Atlanta Journal Constitution Blog reports "A potential deal with Seattle for my man Luke Ridnour - the 11th pick for Ridnour - is still out there. All the Hawks have to do is call and make it happen."

Ray Allen to Boston - Ian on KJR reported at 6:15 that according to his source the Sonics have offered Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics for #5. He goes on to speculate that this deal would likely include Theo Ratliff. Frank Hughes had not heard this rumor. Here's an angle. Maybe he has the deal wrong and this is the trade that we do IF Portland passes on Oden. If they take Durant, we get Oden and no longer need Robert Swift to be the center of the future. Ray + Swift for Paul Pierce and #5(Conley)? Makes some sense to me. The Boston infatuation with Swifty is VERY, VERY real. I know this one, it's not speculation. Danny Ainge would give up a LOT for Robert.

UPDATE - Frank Hughes, on KJR this morning when asked if he thinks Ray will be traded before next season answers "YES"

Who will Portland Take? - Mike Barrett of the Blazers was on KJR at about 5pm and stated that he believes they'll take Oden but it is not nearly as clear cut as many people believe. He put it at 60/40 and says that Kevin Pritchard joked today about how Blazers fans would "lynch him after he selects Durant". A report on ESPN indicates that Portland has notified Odens camp that he'll be the first pick.

Update that The Oregonians Jason Quick has refuted the ESPN report about Odens promise.

In his Wed evening podcast Quick also states that he feels there is a legitimate chance the Blazers will pick Durant. "I think he(pritchard) really feels that Durant is the better player" "He's scaring me. I can just feel him leaning towards Durant."

Comment on them here. I'll add more as we get updates.