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Don't jump off a bridge just yet

Kevin Durant. Wow. Even though we've known this was about 95% probability of happening, it is so nice to know it as fact now.

Along with that came the real stamp of Sam Presti on this franchise, his move of Ray Allen and Glen Davis for Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak, and Delonte West. Some Sonics fans think this was a bad move. I'm going to explain why I think otherwise. Ray Allen's career is going the opposite direction of this franchise.

I made mention of this a couple of times throughout this past season. Ray found himself in a slump, and like all good shooters he kept gunning. But it wasn't coming to him. Certainly he was still scoring, but he was doing it inefficiently. And this is a pattern I actually saw glimpses of the previous year. Without a doubt, Ray hit big shots late in games a bunch of times this past season. But there were a number of games where had he been on his game, those type of heroics would not have been necessary. One thing you look for in developing players is increased consistency. You look for the opposite in older players to see their decline. Ray is rapidly approaching that point.

This doesn't mean that Ray Allen is washed up. By no means, I expect he'll be a terror to stop out East this coming season, assuming Boston finds somebody to pass him the ball. But he is more and more becoming a spot up shooter. More and more he will begin to miss games, and the wear and tear of the day to day life of years in the NBA is catching up with him. If it is possible, he is becoming more of a liability on defense. Who knows how long those ankles will hold up, and with that contract it isn't a gamble I was really thrilled about when he was a Sonic. Perhaps he'll be able to move into a Reggie Miller type of role, but I just don't see Ray being all that interested in that down the road.

We will miss his quiet professionalism. His work ethic. His dogged determination to win down the stretch. His silky smooth shot. But in the long run, I think this trade will go down as a big win for the Sonics.

Additionally, Jeff Green is a really good player. He and Durant have played together previously and are comfortable with each other. Green brings a great set of skills on the offensive end, and plays solid defense as well. I think he'll prove to be a better player than many people expect at this point.

I also get the feeling that there are still some things in the works. Is Atlanta still interested in Luke Ridnour? (I say yes) Will Rashard Lewis still be a Sonic after he signs his new contract? (I say yes)