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Big Weekend

Rashard Lewis will be getting his sitdown in Houston tomorrow. I remember the last time team officials flew down to Houston to make their pitch. Howard Schultz went in to strong arm the situation and again made everyone wonder how he has been so dang successful. Cross fingers. Rashard does not have many options and if Orlandos money dries up he gets really pinched.

I don't know if K-Dur and J-Gr will be Greenlake today but I'll probably show up to check. I can't wait to meet those guys.

Time to start really talking about expectations for Durant. His number of touches and as such his scoring average went way up with Rays departure. My thought is that he's around 22ppg in his rookie year. Remember this guy who is "too skinny" to play the 4 grabbed 11 boards last year in college.

Obviously the roster will change, but given the guys we have right now I'm thinking that the team may look for a very deep rotation with guys sharing minutes around Durant & Lewis. The thought being that between Green, West, Watson, Gelabale, Collison, and Swift you always have a couple of defensive guys on the floor. The rest can contribute their defense by sheer effort and energy and get subbed out often so that we always have fresh bodies on the court. Right now we really have 11 guys on our roster who have proven they have an NBA game. Just think Don Nelson's squad only the opposite. Where Nelson is a run and gunner on offense an tries to outsprint his opposition we do the same thing on defense, trapping and pushing all game long, using our length to really wear people out, and just when you think you're getting tired the Sonics sub in a fresh man. Meanwhile on offense everything is a switch and a mismatch.

Anyway this is the spot to give up the arena talk, the Ray Nostalgia, and the confusion. Lets talk about hoops.

The first summer league game is on July 6 and it is televised. Anyone want to get together and watch it somewhere?