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Presti or Sheppard, time for a new thread

Today reports seem to indicate that the Sonics got their man, reportedly luring Sam Presti away from the Spurs. If not Presti as the next GM then Washington Wizards Assistant Tommy Sheppard will get the job. How do you feel about this news? What about the report that the coaching list is down to 3, PJ Carlisimo, Rick Carlisle and Dwayne Casey? Personally I'm suprised to see Casey on the list. Also I'm suprised that the team will pay the price tag of the other two. If the team lands both Presti and Carlisle then they have done a good job in bringing in recognizable name talent to a very unstable situation. While not breaking the bank it would also be a good indication that they do not intend to totally cut back on things this season.

More later