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Presti Commentary:

I keep thinking that I will actually write an article at some point given that the draft, the new GM, and all the other stuff around the league. I have some great quotes from Rick Sund who graciously gave me an interview in the final days. Unfortunately it's all about the time. Nothing more than a blog entry for months on end now.

Petteri Koponen Anyone?

The Sonics have begun their workouts for second round picks having several players in yesterday and more scheduled this weekend. The big showdown on sunday will feature Gabe Pruitt of USC and Texas A&M's Acie Law. This particular workout could play a big role in the franchises future. Law is a player who has piqued the interest of the team going back to my conversation with Rick Sund 2 months ago. Rumors have the team contemplating a move for Law that and their decision to pull the trigger will have a large impact on next seasons rotation. It could mean the departure of Nick Collison, Robert Swift, Luke Ridnour, or Earl Watson. In particular the Swift to Boston rumors should always be taken seriously. Ainges infatuation with Robert is not imagined in any way and there is a very real chance that he could offer the #5 pick in the draft for the young redhead.

According to Frank Hughes Lenny Wilkens is out of favor with Clay Bennett and I have to wonder just how deep the rift lies. I know Frank Hughes and respect his intentions on a lot of levels. The biggest reason for this story is I'm sure Frank has it on good sources and that it really exists. I wonder if on a secondary level there is some interest and salting the wound a bit for Lenny to prod some other gossip out into the open. The article seems pretty inflamitory in nature. Since the day he was named President people I talk to have implied that Lennys role would be as a figurehead only. The only person who strongly disagreed with that was Wilkens himself who always maintained that he would be involved on all levels.

Lets give ownership some credit after a week in which we've been really hard on them. This move was the right thing to do. We all admire Lenny Wilkens as a longtime Sonics legend, but they were never going to take the step forward needed with him at the helm. They needed to move Lenny to the side in order to attract a younger, more energetic GM in Presti. All in all a really solid week basketball wise.

I do however wish that they had found a way to address Lenny's situation a bit more graciously. It seems to be a common theme with this team.