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I'd rather have the second rounder

If ESPN is right(always questionable) then today we will lose Rashard for only a second round pick. Of course we get a trade exception totallying $16.8 million. That exception is worth more than Carlos Arroyo or any of the other junk they were talking about getting back.

Rashard at $17 million will have a contract that escalates to $26 million in its final year. He will be for a period anyway the 12th highest paid player in the league. Again I'll say that I would not match the contract today.

Regards out to Shard who is a classy guy, hard worker, and quality player. Whatever I say about the deal or him as a player I'll try not to forget how much he committed in 9 years. I think Dwight Howard will help bring out the best in the guy in a way Ray Allen never did.