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Durant a SG?

So when I hear something once I nod and smile. Twice and I make a note to ask a question again. When 3 people in the organization make the same comment then I start to take note...

While the organization is extremely tight lipped nowadays I've been talking to people about the whole Durant/Lewis/Green group that recently became Durant/Green. My question is really simple, out of that group who can defend the SG position? The answer has been consistent. Jeff Green is a 3/4, he cannot play SG but Kevin Durant can and will guard the SG spot.

Is the team envisioning Durant as a SG next season? I'm not certain that they think he can be a full time guard but clearly they have confidence that he can and will play that position for large stretches of time. It will be interesting to see a guy of his length playing out on the wing so much.

Speaking of Durant this little tidbit appeared in Mark Steins ESPN column yesterday:

Oden's summer might have ended before it started and Durant might be shooting 9-for-36 from the field, but one veteran personnel man chided me before I could even ask for his assessment of the draft darlings so far.

"Even when Durant misses, his shot is so damn gorgeous," he said. "Their time is going to come. These are 19-year-old kids playing against men for the first time."

I agree about the shot. It gives me shivers to see the way he releases the ball. He's getting bumped a lot and it's hurting him but he'll gain confidence and fouls will be called differently during the season. You can see that it will get better just by watching him play.

There are no free agents left that I have any interest in whatsoever.