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I've got a rumor

Now this is very unsubstantiated but it does come from a guy down in Vegas where things are buzzing a bit. So have some fun with it.

According to this source the player the Sonics are currently discussing bringing in with their trade exception is Kurt Thomas of the Suns. In this scenario the Suns are looking to shave money off the luxury tax and will compensate the Sups for taking Thomas back. The deal could be just draft picks, the Suns have a ton of them. Also mentioned are that the Sonics "French Connection" of Petro and Gelabale could go to the Suns for a player. The Suns may also want Mo Sene who they tried to trade for last year. Barbosa anyone?

Thomas would be a decent veteran mentor to provide us with some insurance behind Swift and if taking his contract got us concessions on Barbosa it would get interesting. Barbosa and West can both bring the ball up the court and play either guard position. Thomas would come off the books after this season.