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Summer League Ends

I was extremely happy to wake up this morning and read an update on Kevin Durant from Team USA practices. We should check the schedule but it appears that as fans we are having a summer just full of interesting conversation.

The Sonics were 2 and 6 but had lots of interesting subplots in the league. Personally I am starting to get excited about this team. With the acquisition of Thomas it is fair to say that the defensive makeover of the squad is really happening. Suddenly you can say that it's possible that the defensive players, Thomas, Green, Collison, Watson, Wilkens, West, and maybe even Swift could outnumber the offensive guys in in the rotation. They also are not done.

Monday marks the 9 month anniversary of Robert Swift's injury and there is no reason to believe that he will not be cleared for full contact play at that time.

There are still more moves to be made.

My vacation ends today. Will check in after we drive home.