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We don't know if it's true...

Holding onto a thread here but lets keep in mind that a) this Orlando TV station report has not been confirmed, and b) This really could be just the opening salvo of a S&T.

Lets sit back for a minute and think about if it is true.

Would you be comfortable giving Rashard that much money? I'm not sure I am. I want him back, but always felt that Orlando would not give him the entire pot. Getting him at $15 million per year is questionable. He's a good player, but not that good.

If he is gone would you like Darko back via S&T? I'm not certain that Darko fits a need on our roster but he is a 22 year old 7 footer who averaged nearly 6 rebounds per game. Ideally with Swift in our court I see Darko as part ofa 3 way S&T that sends him somewhere else and helps us land either a cap exception or a SG. Still I think that in a worst case scenario you simply have to turn Lewis into something. Even if the package is Darko Milicic, JJ Reddick, and a first round pick it is much better than losing Lew for nothing.

Back to my first question. $15 million, more like $19 million in the last year? I'm not certain about that at all. If it's a real offer Seattle has to really think long and hard about putting up matching money, let alone a bigger deal.

Best case scenario is that this report is unfounded. Second best he is playing for a S&T and we work another deal. Worst case we turn it into something. If we get a $13 million trade exception it could be very valuable to help facilitate one of these larger deals that are still likely to go down.