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Will Garnett Be Traded?

It's interesting gossip fodder if nothing else.

If KG gets traded for the package proposed it will be pretty stunning value for Garnett. The only real notable player is Jefferson and that guy could not defend the chair that Luke Ridnour is sitting on. How many draft picks will they have to include? Do they really think that giving a guy his age a 5 year, $125 million extension is a good idea? What the heck do they do about their bench? How many years can a core of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen compete and how will Ray cope with being offensive option #3 on his team? Lots and lots of questions.

In another note I attended an meeting over the weekend for my new NBA Consulting gig(sorry, no details available, but I am getting paid to deal with the league for the first time. It's strictly side consulting work). During this meeting we had a very interesting discussion about the NBA's official role in gossip and the balance between what the fans really want (the juicy stuff) and what they can sanction(Finalized transactions). It was an interesting subject and I wonder if anyone cares to discuss it today. When trade speculation affects the biggest stars I believe that it is good for fan interest and I would like to see any and all coverage encouraged. However it is just a fact that the official websites will never catch fan attention the way internet and blogs do because we have more freedom to speculate on things that may or may not happen, like the Celtics fielding a roster featuring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen this year.