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D(urant) Day!

Today is the day our new centerpiece takes the court. It is hard to believe that Kevin Durant is going to be taking the court and I am much more interested in watching Jeff Green. Funny how this franchise works.

I attended summer league last season and got to watch all the games, several of them I got to sit with and get commentary from current and hopeful NBA Players. What I want to point out is that in the summer league you can really, really see the difference between players who have a year or two of NBA experience and those who don't. The biggest example last year played for Pops Mensah-Bonsu who looked like a dominant player. He just clearly had some sense of where he was and what he was doing that led to an advantage over the less experienced guys.

I'm expecting Dallas to role out a pretty experienced squad(although I can't find their roster handy) and play a really competative game. I hope that both Durant and Green will start for the Sups and am guessing they will be accompanied by Zabien Dowdell, Mike Gelabale, and either Sene or Petro. With Sene, Petro, and Gelabale on the team we should have some good experience to be very competative on the court.

I really, really want to continue to shift the conversation to Durant. I cannot imagine a star of his magnitude coming to any other market and getting less conversation. He is the real deal.