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Happy Monday

Geez the activity level is high lately. Thanks a lot to all the new and former users for building up this site. Volume is through the roof and I can't go a day without a new thread or risk having 400 comments.

Not a lot of new news today. I'm excited for another summer league game and hope that we have a better showing. I thought the greatest line of the weekend news was a guy who said that he remembered Tim Duncan's first game when Greg Ostertag absolutely owned him. Greg got 2 contracts off that summer league game. Didn't seem to slow Timmy down...

It just occured to me over the weekend how much the absence of Ray and Rashard is going to open up opportunity for some other players. The guy I'm thinking of specifically is Nick Collison who I think is a really under-rated player. It will be nice to see Nick get more shot attempts. Also I think they could wind up asking Ridnour to drive and penetrate much more instead of simply waiting for Ray to come off screens. These two guys are going into their 5th years. I think you could see one or both emerge as really solid veterans.