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The Obvious NEXT Question:

Which player acqiusition is most OVERRATED...a little bit tougher IMO.

On a side note let me just say...Poor Juwan Howard. He really does just keep getting traded from crappy situation to crappy situation. Minnesotta winter is tough. Trading KG for Al Jefferson makes it seem even colder.

Rashard is the easy answer to this on, but I expect him to have a good year. People will criticize him more in years 3+ of this deal. I'm going to go with Vince Carter. He's an example of a guy whose team probably would have been better off simply letting him walk. Then you of course have to trade Jason Kidd, but thats part of the process too. That team is getting nowhere.

Speaking of nowhere I'll add Mikki Moore to my list. Incredible guy. Nice role-player. Terribly overpaid by Sacramento.

Your thoughts?