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So the guys have been scrimmaging 3-4 days per week.

I did not have an opportunity to watch although I have recieved an invite. These are not formal practices at the Furtado but rather off site workouts under a personal trainer with years of NBA assistant coaching experience. While many of you probably know the location and names of coaches involved I'd ask you not to mention them in the forums because the guys really have no great desire for an audience.

In the last couple of weeks the workouts have included Ridnour, Swift, Collison, Petro, Sene, and Gelabale. They have been joined by other NBA Players such as Brandon Roy, Joel Freeland of the Blazers, and Spencer Hawes. Additionally there are a number of local guys like Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart, Will Conroy, and Ryan Applebee participating.

I did see the younger guys playing and am impressed with Applebee. I also think that based on physcial stature alone the Blazers got a decent value in Joel Freeland who has bulked up considerably from draft day pictures and is a legit 6'10-6'11. He's got a wide frame and big arms with good muscle. Also just a very nice guy playing with kids and seeming to have little if any ego. From general looks however he is no Mo Sene and I think arm length/standing reach could be a limting factor depending on his hops and other physical skills.

I'd love to get Nick Collison's read on this but one observer told me that he is stunned by Roberts newfound ability to "push Nick around." Robert meanwhile continues to report that he feels great and the coach of these workouts advises that he sees no signs whatsoever of Roberts injury. I was pretty shocked by that and asked if he could give a percentage. The guy replied that he sees nothing and that Robert is playing well enough to be considered 100%. That's stunning to me.

I am uncertain about trade rumors. I have a hunch that the Sups may try to have their assistant coaches contracts finalized before Aug. 20 but am kind of suprised that there is a sentiment that we could go into the season with this roster. I don't read a lot into this type of conversation either way. The only trade talk I hear outside the front office involves the team trying to unload a combination of Petro and Gelabale. While I love Mike as a player I think there is a sense that those two would rather hang out together than commit to working as hard as Sam Presti wants them to.

I'll try to catch a scrimmage next week and give an update.