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All Apologies

I have to ask why I allowed myself to get carried away and post an entry with the heading "Clay Bennet is a Liar".

I have made a point of not allowing this to get personal and holding my commentary back to the point where reconciliation is an option. I believe that this is always the proper thing to do and would cite my recent joint work with Chris VanDyk as a great example of why you do not take shots at people needlessly. There were endless chances to take cheap shots at VanDyk and Nick Licata but in the end a situation arose where it made sense to work with each other on things. Because we'd stayed professional with each other that was still an option. It never behooves you to burn bridges when you don't have to.

In the past I have gone so far as to say that specific statements could be lies. I have never said that Clay Bennet is "a liar" or really gone that direction. Now I regret doing so. It was a stupid and non-productive move and to be blunt I don't have time for moves that exclude people or are non-productive in any way.

I apologize to Clay for that comment which was made out of anger and frustration. It is not a begrudging apology, nor one that people should think I'm making for the sake of politics. I don't believe in being personally insulting and legitimately regret going there. I hope that he changes my mind and if he takes steps to do so then I hope he'll accept my apology because the one and only thing I want is for people to step up and work together to solve this problem. Casting stones at the governor, the mayor, Schultz, Bennett, whoever is not productive because eventually we all need to sit in a room together and work something out.

If Clay Bennett does come back to the table I will be the first one there saying publicly that I was wrong about the situation and giving him credit for moving our direction. If he doesn't I'll continue to ride the roller coaster.

I'm tired. Busy. Lots of meetings this week and hope for an update by Friday or Saturday.