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Swifty & Sonics Schedule Thread

It's not up yet, but as has been pointed out the season opener will be on the road at Denver.

[Edit: Schedule's been released]

Real key to this season: Robert Swift.

If Robert can give the Sonics 75+ games of around 10 ppg and 8-10 rpg (essentially duplicating Nick Collison's numbers from last year, more or less) while commanding some double teams in the post this team can be .500, at least, figuring that they'll be playing at a slightly slower pace than last year with a new defensive system in place. Or is that ANY defensive system in place, heh heh ...

Robert should set Channing Frye/Sam Dalembert/Chris Kaman's seasons last year as a scoring benchmark and work from there. With a legit 7 fter at center anchoring the defense this will be a decent team - book it.