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Clay Bennett - Killjoy the Clown

Clay Bennett proves once again that he is 100% dedicated to crushing any hopes or sense of joy in any Seattle area fans of professional basketball. Just weeks ago our hopes were raised as Bennett announced intentions to re-engage discussions with Mayor Nickels. After Nickels suggested the Sonics pony up at least $100 Million dollars to fix up Key Arena yesterday Bennett got out the fire hose to cool off any excitement or hope we might have by threatening to pull out of the potential talks.

Bennett is quoted in the Seattle Times as saying,

"It is clear that if all we have to discuss is the renovation of KeyArena, then a meeting with the Mayor will not be productive or necessary."

It has turned into a back and forth war in the press very similar to what we witnessed between the city officials and the ownership group as led by Howard Schultz a few years ago.

In response, Nickels said in a statement that if Bennett only wants to talk about how to get out of his KeyArena lease early: "then I agree — a trip to Seattle isn't worth the price of the plane ticket."

The one good thing about all this is that if Bennett continues to behave in such an egotistical fashion he will likely alienate the Mayor enough to make A Deal is a Deal a reality without a vote being cast.