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Give Thanks

Here's a tip on politics. When a politician sticks their heads out in a direction you like you must shower them with accolades to encourage them to do so again. Other politicians see that person getting so many strokes and say "Geez, I want to get behind that issue..."

As more political leaders step up and get behind voting I-93 into law make sure you thank them. Let McIver know that his leadership here is appreciated and tell the whole gang you want them to follow suit. Send letters to the times and PI. Do your bit to re-enforce this great news.

For the record they are enacting this because we did the legwork, wrapped it up for them, delivered it to their office, and asked. The papers seem to be reporting it like it is their law which in many ways mirrors a different law in Initiative-93. Materially they are the same thing. We handed ours off and they are running with it. Glad to work together.