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Wally Z, IR or Starter?

Crazy thing about Wally Szczerbiak(did I finally spell his name right?) is that just a couple of years ago he was considered a talent on par with Rashard Lewis. As a fan of Rashard I watch this and realize how much of a players perception is based on contract. I hope Rashard never has to see the decline in reputation that Wally has.

Now, coming off injury and a situation in which he simply never fit Szczerbiak is an enigma for Sonics fans. Not a particularly likable player he is getting little attention as an acquisition despite his 16ppg average. Szczerbiak had corrective ankle surgery this offseason and if it was successful there is no reason that he will not play significant minutes at the SG and SF positions this year.

Time will tell whether Wally becomes a part of this team or was simply the big contract that got the deal done. Regardless he should be a point of controversy. You can talk about his role, and his projected stats here.