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It's Lenny Vs. Karl! Sort Of ...

It's DJ vs. the Glove, The Hawk vs. Fred Brown, Kemp vs. Lonnie Shelton, Sikma vs fellow dorky white guys McIlvaine and Brickowski. Lenny vs. Karl, not the Simpsons duo of course but the coaches.

7 games for the ultimate Sonic championship team.

Who wins?

I think I have to lean towards 96 on this one. If you think differently convince me. Granted, the 79 team has one totally friggin sick 3 guard rotation ... Gus Williams, DJ and Fred Brown ... the 96 team has an equally sick defensive 3 guard rotation with Payton, McMillan and Hawkins. Both were stellar defensive teams but I have to give the nod to 96 on offense. I just don't see anyone on the 79 roster that could effectively guard or even slow down Kemp in the low post and that to me is the difference.