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Reggie Miller Mulls Comeback

With the Celtics, no less.

No word yet on whether Miller's contemplated un-retirement has Danny Schayes, Tree Rollins, Chuck Person or Haywoode Workman considering quitting their day jobs.

This bit of news prompted me to ask several former Sonics if they had any plans to return to the league for a heady dish of over-40 glory.

Lazaro Borrell: "Que?"

Ruben Wolkowyski: "Puny humans ... Hulk smash!"

Danny Vranes: "Basketball comped me to Reggie King once, so why not?

What do you mean, who's Reggie King?"

Bart Kofoed: "I played for the Sonics?"

Alton Lister: "Depends ...will Bickerstaff be coaching?"