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Man is it dull

Not to complain because I personally am very busy.

That said in terms of Sonics news things are slow slow slow.

Steve will come up with something light and comical. I don't have the talent to be funny so how about a series of questions starting with today: Which acquisition this offseason is the most under-rated? This can be a big money guy who people are looking down on (Shard?) or a "below the radar" acquisition like Lius Scola going to the Rockets. Either way give me your vote.

I'm taking the easy answer and sticking right here at home. Delonte West is hands down the most handsomest man in the league (if you don't believe me type in "delonte west hansdsome" on YouTube). He's also got major attitude on the court and that is something we've needed for a while. He's an underrated part of the equation.