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Council Passes Ordinance Unanimously

UPDATE: VIDEO FROM THE COUNCIL MEETING Of particular interest to me are Nick Licata's comments at the 24 minute mark.

The Seattle City Council passed Ordinance 116011 today by unanimous vote (8-0). Of the eight councilmembers present, seven spoke strongly about their desire to keep both the Sonics and Storm in Seattle with Councilmembers Clark and Godden offering particularly memorable speeches in defense of keeping the team here.

Councilmember Steinbrueck questioned whether or not the ordinance would hinder efforts at maintaining a congenial relationship with present management and also whether or not it was in the Council's interest to pass this legislation, as the Council itself has no seat at the negotiating table, but also indicated that he would vote in favor of the legislation.

City Council President Licata also thanked Steve Pyeatt and the volunteers of A Deal Is A Deal and Save Our Sonics and Storm for their efforts in meeting with stakeholders across the political spectrum in trying to create a mutually acceptable solution towards keeping both teams in Seattle.