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Rumor Denied

While neither intends to go on the record with this matter it appears as if both the team and the Muckleshoots have denied this rumor. They state flatly that no deal has been reached and todays announcement will be in regards to feasibility only.

Fake today does not mean fake tomorrow. There always has been a lot of truth to the Muckleshoots desire to get things done and for all we know they are making their play right now. This could have been floated as a way to determine what kind of "buzz" involvement will generate for the tribe. It could have been floated to force people to address their offer as real. It could have even been put out there to force Seattle politicians to understand that they may be facing a competative venue sometime soon. Lastly it could have been premature but still truthfull in that a deal is getting hammered out even as we speak.

I believe sincerely that there is great pressure being applied to ownership to find a deal that makes decent financial sense. The teams best opportunity to relocate out of the region was to slip quietly out of their lease and make a quick move without heavy scrutiny. Since that is no longer an option there are forces in the media, league, civic leadership, and even within the PBCs own ownership group which are pushing to find a way out before this gets extremely, extremely messy.

Always interesting...